Is Friday a Holiday in Morocco?

is friday a holiday in morocco travelPeople from Europe or United States may be wondering if Morocco celebrates their Fridays as holidays, just like many Islamic countries in the world. Interestingly, Morocco adopt European style of weekends, which means that people in this country have their weekends on Saturday and Sunday. Friday is considered as a regular day, but since there’s the Friday prayer, the business hours of vendors and stores on that day may be a bit different than Europe. Continue reading

Tours to Morocco from Tarifa

booking tours to morocco from tarifaTarifa is a well known place for people from southern Spain to start their journey in exploring the mesmerizing Morocco. This is the town where you can ride a ferry to Tangier, Morocco. Many people choose going to Morocco via Tarifa because it is considered as the most cost-effective way to get to the country.

Since the number of people wanting to go to Morocco with a guide is pretty significant, it is only natural that there Continue reading

Tours to Morocco from Portugal

tours to morocco from portugal in groupsVisiting Morocco sounds like a great idea? Well, if you’re from Portugal I am sure you may want to know how to get tours to Morocco from Portugal. Before we talk about these tours, let’s talk about the accommodation possibilities.

When you’re talking about getting to Morocco from Portugal, usually you have to pass through Spain. As far as we know, there’s no affordable ferry that can take you directly from Portugal to Morocco. Hence, your option would be Continue reading

Things To Do in Meknes Morocco

cool things to do in meknes moroccoMany people think that there’s little to do in Meknes. According to some, the only worthy activity to do in Meknes is visiting Volubilis and then they should continue the journey towards other parts of Morocco. Volubilis itself is an amazing site which presents Roman ruins in a gorgeous style. The place has been known for long as the town’s main attraction. It is okay to simply make a quick tour in this city for a day, but you should trust us when we say Continue reading

How To Go To Morocco Cheap

Simple Tips on How to Go to Morocco Cheap

how to go to morocco cheap and enjoyMorocco is one of the most popular holiday destinations nowadays. The exotic view and the great scenery that you can find within the border of the county are what make the many tourist want to visit the country. Because of the many eager tourists that want to visit Morocco, many flight company as well as tour agent offer cheap flights and travel packages to Morocco. However, you still need to be careful and selective in choosing which flight to take and Continue reading

How Expensive is it to Travel to Morocco

How Expensive is it to Travel to Morocco historicYou may have heard rumors about taking a holiday in Morocco will cost you a lot. Is it true? Just how expensive is it to travel to Morocco?

Morocco is definitely a developing country; so many people (especially travelers from Europe or American continent) assume that it would be a super cheap experience. Although this is true for some aspects of the tourism, there are things that you should know.

Morocco is filled with various interesting tourism spots, and many European tourists constantly come to the country Continue reading